"OT Scanner" Mobile Application helps warehouse employees in China to scan using smartphone parcels barcodes from Chinese sellers and mark which goods from which order is already received at the warehouse.


"OT Scanner" Application is available for smartphones on Android 5.0 and higher.

"Autopurchase" Module is required.


How to buy?

"OT Scanner" Mobile Application is a paid addition for your business development!

Contact OT manager in your Skype chat to purchase this module and follow further instructions given.

Besides, manager will answer your questions on module and methods of payment.

Check module price: https://en.otcommerce.com/prices-and-promo#2


How it works?

Make sure you have "Autopurchase" module before installation.

You will get a file from OT managers that you should install to all smartphones that will be used to scan incoming parcels.

It's necessary to authorize after installation (login and password are the same as for OT Box).

You can start working with parcels after authorization.


Read detailed instruction how to set and work with OT Scanner Mobile Application