• Payment System Selection
  • Payment System Enabling
  • Setting Features of Various Payment Systems 

Ordered products are paid through payment systems which are enabled on the site.

To enable the Payment System (PS) you need to choose it first. As soon as you choose the required system please contact our technical support for enabling the chosen system for free. Please see tariffs on http://en.otcommerce.com/products/integration-payment .

Select Payment System

To select appropriate PS please note the following:

  1. System commission rate (for funds depositing/withdrawal).
  2. Customer’s accessibility (if the chosen system is not available at the customer’s city/country it is of no use).
  3. It’s appropriateness for withdrawals.


To clarify the data please review carefully the following Payment Systems sites:


Important! We install PayPal for free. However, please note that Paypal does not work with Taobao, therefore we do not recommend it. If you take a positive decision, we do not bear responsibility for the aforecited PS correct operation. 


Payment System Enabling

To have PS integrated into your site, you should take the following steps:

  1. To conclude an agreement with PS
  2. To review the General section
  3. To set up your account or digital wallet (at your discretion) in chosen PS:
  • On your own, using Settings Details section of the chosen Payment Systems.
  • To allow access to your account/e-wallet, thus all the necessary settings will be made by OpenTrade Commerce specialists.

4. To provide the necessary data, specified in chosen Payment System Settings Features section, to support service in request for modification when setting up the account/e-wallet independently.

Once PS is integrated we recommend you to make a test payment for a small sum to check the system availability. 

Setting Features of Various Payment Systems 


Data for OpenTrade Commerce
IDUsually it is email of the account holder+
Language of the payment interface +
Seller Country +
Currency +
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